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BIOSWALES for Erosion Control/Mitigation



The Habitat Committee monitors issues related to Lake Colchester, the dam and emergency overflow, the shoreline and watershed.  Fish stocking is another responsibility of the Habitat Committee. The Habitat Committee also hosts fishing tournaments. 


To prevent possible contamination, you must wash your boat after having it in any other water source before re-entry into Lake Colchester.

Watershed Review map -> click here

Fishing Regulations:
Transferring species into Lake Colchester is prohibited.

One Per Day of the following:
Largemouth Bass (minimum length 15")
Walleye (minimum length 15")
Northern Pike (minimum length 30")

15 per day per person:
Crappie (no minimum)

Catfish, Carp, White Bass

Stocking News:
October 2020 -  900 walleye that were 8" in length
October 2017 - 400 walleye that were 5-6" in length
October 2016 - 400 walleye that were 6-8" in length
October 2015 - 400 walleye that were 6-8" in length
October 2014 - 400 walleye that were 5-6" in length
October 2013 - 400 walleye that were 5-6" in length
October 2012 - 400 walleye that were 6-8" in length
October 2011 - 400 bass that were 6-7" in length
Boating Regulations:
Lake Colchester is a NO WAKE recreational lake. While all sizes of motors are permitted, maximum speed limit on the lake is 5 mph; and, wake is not permitted.
All watercraft on the lake must be registered at the Office. All watercraft must have an LVA sticker attached in a visible location. This includes paddle boats, kayaks and canoes as well.  Boat registration is $10. A key to the boat ramp is included with registration. Please be advised that Patrol Officers monitor lake use. Trespassers will be charged.
Fishing is prohibited within the Marina. 
There are 60 floating marina docks. Rental per season is $300. The season typically runs from April 10 though November 1, depending on lake conditions.  Rental forms may be obtained at the Office. Existing renters of the current season can register from February 1 through March 31 each to be assured of a marina slip for the upcoming season. On April 1, any existing marina slip that is unrented will become available to individual members on a first come, first serve basis.
Lake Circulators:
There are four lake circulators located within Lake Colchester. The circulators' turbines move very large volumes of water; circulating it to provide oxygenation for the water. This process helps prevent the growth of blue/green algae growth, as well as providing oxygen for  lake habitat.  Access within 50 yards of the circulators is strictly prohibited!