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NOTICE:   The LVA Beach will close Wednesday, September 22, 2021.   
                      Bathrooms will remain open, freeze conditions conditional, through October 15 only.  
                      The MARINA will close NOVEMBER 1, 2021.  No exceptions.  All watercraft must be removed from the marina not later 
                       6 pm - SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2021.  Keyfobs will be disengaged at 6 pm on October 31. 
NOTICE:   Enforcements of Boat Registrations will begin June 16, 2021.  Enforcements (Rule VIII(11) ) include 30-day Suspensions of Privileges.
All Watercraft are required to be registered with the LVA for the current period - 2021-2022.   Registration each watercraft @  $10 each.
2020 ANNUAL REPORT & 2021-2024 STRATEGIC PLAN  - Click  HERE
For a look around Lakewood - Click HERE
NEW REPORTING FORM AVAILABLE:   Parks, Properties, Lake Attention Request Form ( located under: HOW DO I? tab)
Please download the Attention Request Form to report a maintenance issue or other requests or problems in any Common Area Amenity. We have created this form for your convenience in reporting, so we can respond in the very best way possible. Drop this off at the Office; or send it to
Please complete the Data Sheet that is enclosed with your invoice so we can send emergency or newsworthy notices and updates about the Lakewood Village Association!   We want you to be 'In The Know'; and the first to know. Staying updated as a homeowner/taxpayer is very important.  Even if you have completed the Data Sheet previously, we want to keep our records updated.  Please be so kind to complete them again, even if nothing has changed.
The LVA Board encourages attendance, when possible, to Board Meetings typically held on the third Tuesday of each month, at 6:30 pm. Meetings are held at the Luana Savings Bank at Wakonda and Hwy 28 Community Room; north entrance. 
SeptemberBoard Meeting Date:  Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 6:30 pm.   Click HERE for Agenda.
However, the LVA Board reserves the right to add, cancel, or reschedule, relocate meetings and formats (virtually); notwithstanding, informational, consultation, Executive Sessions for any reason deemed necessary by the Board.   Please check with the Office to confirm current scheduling. Courtesy notices are posted on the Office Door.  We encourage attendance.  
All watercraft on Lake Colchester need to be re-registered for the 2021-2022 Registration Period, in the amount of $10 per watercraft. This includes paddleboards, paddleboats, kayaks, rafts, canoes, boats, pontoon boats, and any other watercraft.
Boat Registrations will begin on February 15, 2021. NOTICE:  In order to register or re-register watercraft, a current IA Boat Registration (where applicable) will need to be presented.
ATTENTION:   One of the Lake's circulators has been hit at a high rate of speed; and is seriously damaged.  If you have information or videos, please contact the LVA Office immediately at 515-287-1804; or email us at and share your information.  Identities will be held in strictest confidence.
WATER QUALITY REPORT No. 1  - Please click here.
Lakewood Village Association is a PRIVATE association for MEMBERS ONLY. Anyone  who is not a member, or is not directly with a member as their guest, who is using these private amenities is subject to TRESPASSING charges being filed.   Members may not give 'permission' for others to use any of the amenities in their absence. Members need to be prepared to show identification to Patrol Officers. 
NOTICE:   The entire surface of Lake Colchester is a NO WAKE lake.  If you have watercraft registered on the lake, you signed an agreement that states you agree to the terms on the Agreement.
The DNR defines NO WAKE as follows:  "The operation of a watercraft at the SLOWEST speed necessary to maintain steerage, in no case greater than 5 mph.  This is to for safety of individuals in the lake; and to protect shorelines, as well.  The wake a boat creates will have an impact on the shoreline and on people's property and docks."
Please be advised:  This is the standard the LVA Patrols will use. No Exceptions. Loss of Privileges can result for the Violation of LVA Rules.  
NOTICE:   Jumping from the Shoreline and from floating fishing docks is prohibited.  Swimming outside of designated areas is prohibited. This includes staying INSIDE the buoys at the beach; or withing 20' of a pontoon boat.  In no case is swimming within or across the lake permitted.
 AMENDMENT TO BYLAWS                                                       
You are also reminded to be considerate of the Lakewood Noise Nuisance Ordinance. Please be mindful of courteous respect for all residents, respecting their rights for peaceful enjoyment of the lake and Common Properties.
KEY FOBS A new electronic access system has been installed to enhance the privacy and security of our marina and lake.  Key Fobs have been issued and are User Specific  programed and coded for tracking purposes. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM loaning out your Key Fob to anyone!  Key Fob replacements cost $25.
Everyone knows that drinking or ingesting lake water is not a good idea. This is a reminder that there are many organisms, bacteria, little creatures and other chemicals (beyond our control) that populate any lake; and care should be taken to avoid drinking or swallowing the water should you choose to be in the water. If you or the family experience illness after swimming in the lake, you should immediately contact your health care provider and get checked out. It was recently brought to our attention that a resident suspects they became ill through inadvertently swallowing lake water. This emphasizes the need to both be careful, and contact your health care provider if you are not feeling well.
North Shore will be located on Lake Colchester adjacent to the interchange of Highway 5 and Highway 28 in Norwalk, Iowa.
Primarily a lakeside residential project, North Shore will include some commercial sites along Highway 28 and will feature over 500 lakeside home sites, about 500 townhome units, and a limited number of lake view apartments.
It is estimated that the total taxable value of the project will increase Norwalk's tax base by over $300,000,000.
North Shore will be sold directly to a developer for its improvement of vacant land for sale of developed lots and sites to individuals.
FAQ:   Will the North Shore Development be a part of the Lakewood Village Association, Inc.
Answer:  Yes, the area has been established and   is governed by the LVA Homeowner's (association) Incorporation Documents, By-Laws, and the Covenants for that addition & by the established taxing entity, Lakewood Benefited Recreational Lake District.
PLEASE NOTE:   Lake Colchester is a private lake amenity built for the enjoyment of Lakewood residents. Trespassing charges will be filed against individuals accessing any of the Common Properties, including the lake,  without membership. Members should be able to provide identification and proof of residence or a Non-Resident Membership card when requested by police or patrol officers. Patrols are in affect at this time and will be requesting identification. A member must be present with a guest at all times.