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Lakewood Benefitted Recreational Lake Dist

The Lakewood Benefited Recreational Lake District (LBRLD or Lake Rec) was established in 1988 as a Warren county taxing entity for the Lakewood community  for the purpose of collecting certain tax revenues  received from Lakewood residents for acquisition, construction, reconstruction, enlargement, improvement, equipping, maintenance, and operation of the recreational facilities for the residents of Lakewood.  It was resolved that the LBRLD (or Lake Rec) was necessary for the health, comfort, convenience, or welfare of the residents of Lakewood.

The Lakewood Benefited Recreational Lake District Public Meetings:  Third Thursdays; 5:30 pm - Luana Savings Bank Meeting Room - north entrance. 

June 2022 Meeting Agenda

*June Special Meeting Agenda - June 23rd, 2022 MEETING POSTPONED! Rescheduled: TBD

Lakewood Taxpayers and Residents are encouraged to attend the meetings.


IA CODE 357E for Recreational Lake Districts

There are three elected Trustees which comprise the board of this district. Trustees serve three-year terms and are on your Warren County ballots (even years). This board is responsible for setting the tax mil rate for the LBRLD portion of property taxes. Lake Rec meetings are public, posted meetings; and they meet the THIRD Thursday of each month in the LVA Offices at 5:30 pm.

President:            Tim Houk                   Term Expires:     2022
Vice President:    Randy Messer            Term Expires:      2023
Treasurer:            Brett Newberg             Term Expires:    2025
Secretary              Doran Pruisner          Term Expires       2025
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